Some of my guitars

I have been spending a lot of time lately listening to some older live recordings of Robben Ford, and some Larry Carlton, and it occurred to me that one of my favorite tones comes from the ES-335. So I looked around Tokyo for a while and found a pretty nice '95 335. I cleaned it up, polished the frets, replaced the tailpiece with a lightweight one, replaced the '57 Classic at the bridge with a Fralin, and most importantly, put new knobs on it. Since getting this guitar it's the only one I have been playing.

Here's a full shot of the front before I did the work on it.

The picture below is my collection of Robben Ford guitars. In the back row, the black guitar on the left is a Flame Ultra Esprit from 1984. This was the predecessor to the Robben Ford model. The center guitar is a made-in-Japan Robben Ford model similar to the Custom Shop Ultra SP. This guitar is from 1993, when production of this guitar stopped. The guitar on the right is a Fender Custom Shop Robben Ford Elite. I don't know the exact year but I believe it is from around 1995 or 1996.

In the front row on the left is a Baker RF model guitar. This guitar was made in July of 2002. On the far right is a Fender Custom Shop Ultra SP that actually belonged to Robben who used it on the European Tiger Walk tour in 1998. More about this guitar below. Finally, the guitar in the middle is a Sakashta "Two Feathers" solidy body guitar, one of only a few in existence.

I also have a Tele that Robben signed for me when he was at the Blue Note in Tokyo in December 1997.


This is my pride and joy, a Fender Custom Shop Robben Ford Ultra FM (serial #122) that was actually owned by Robben himself. Robben used this guitar on the Tiger Walk tour in Europe and I have a video of him playing it at a jazz festival in Burghausen Germany in 1998. This guitar is a real treat to play knowing that Robben's fingers were on there playing all those fabulous notes. I'm trying to find those notes now, but they don't seem to be there anymore. I just can't understand it!

And one more with my Elite. In the background you can see an autographed picture of Robben playing a Taku Sakashta guitar. The picture was given to me by Sakashta-san.

Here's a picture of a few of my guitars, along with one of my combos.