The following are just some of the guitarists I admire. The list is by no means complete, but is a good indication of some of the players I listen to. Not all of the links are "official" sites.

Robben Ford

Robben Ford for me epitomizes the ultimate guitarist: excellent technique, tone and touch with an amazing sense of melody and rythmn all set a standard by which I tend to judge other guitarists. As a matter of fact, Robben Ford is the reason that I'm playing guitar today. After a long period of not playing at all, I stumbled across a copy of Robben's Talk To Your Daughter CD and was so impressed with what I heard that I immediately bought a new guitar and started playing again. And now the majority of my listening is to Robben's CD's. Here are a few URL's for more information on Robben and his band. I haven't checked these lately so I don't know if they all work or not.

Garth Webber

Garth is unfortunately one of the best kept secrets in the guitar world. An amazing guitarist with a great sense of feel and timing and a tone to die for, it's a mystery to me why every guitarist on the planet isn't aware of this guy. Hopefully that will be changing soon because Garth is just putting the finishing touches on a new album (with special guest Robben Ford) that should be coming out soon. Garth plays a rock/jazz influenced blues that is exactly my cup of tea. If I could snap my fingers and suddenly start playing like any guitarist I wanted, I'd choose to sound like Garth. He is definitely the man. Garth is also a recording engineer with his own studio in Berkeley CA, Red Rooster Studio, and teaches guitar when he can find the time. And as if all that weren't enough, he also happens to be one of the nicest people around. I don't know of any URL's where you can get more information about Garth Webber, but here are a few of the CD's he can be heard on.

Garth Webber, Get a Grip on the Blues (Blue Rock'It Records, BRCD 112
Garth Webber and Mark Ford, On The Edge (Blue Rock'It Records, BRCD 119
The Ford Blues Band (Blue Rock'It Records, BRCD 108)

Garth has a new CD out called Man on a Mission. It's available only directly from Garth. If you're interested, you can email Garth at:

Eddie Tatton

Eddie Tatton is a British blues/jazz/rock guitarist very much in the Robben Ford vein. Intelligent, melodic leads, interesting use of scales and 'outside' playing, and generally just a very talented and enjoyable player. Until recently, he was playing with a band called Out Of The Blue, brainchild of British blues singer Kevin Thorpe. I don't know what Eddie is up to these days, but I certainly hope to be hearing more from him soon.

B.B. King

There is nothing I can say about the great B.B. King that hasn't already been said many times before. I was lucky to have a chance to see B.B. at the Blue Note in Tokyo a few months ago and it was a real thrill. With a cold, and obviously tired out, he still gave a hell of a show. A real gentleman and a showman to the end, he showed us all why he's still the King of the Blues.

Michael Bloomfield

When I was just a young guitar picker, Mike Bloomfield was the first guitarist to really get my attention. Hearing him play the blues woke up a feeling in me that I still have today. As a matter of fact, after several years of not listening at all to Mike Bloomfield, I recently bought a few of his CD's and was surprised to hear some of "my" licks being played by him. I not only realized where I had stolen those licks in the first place, but was also surprised that they had stuck in my head for so many years. Incidentally, Robben Ford gives Michael Bloomfield as one of his early influences.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Although I don't really play this style of blues, whenever I hear this guy play, I get the urge to go out and buy a Stratocaster. A great guitarist and a great loss to the guitar and music world.

Chris Cain

Chris Cain is a unique and very talented guitarist. With a formal music education and a background playing the saxophone (like Robben Ford), he adds his own flavor to the blues with a touch of jazz mixed in. I've never had a chance to see him live but I understand he puts on a great show.

And a few other names, without comments, for now (in no particular order).


Ronnie Earl Larry Carlton Eric Clapton Eric Johnson
Mike Stern Jim Hall Jimi Hendrix Jeff Beck
Gary Moore Mark May Coco Montoya Albert King
Albert Collins Buddy Guy Kenny Burrell Danny Gatton
Michael Dowdle Scott Henderson Jean Marie Ecay Scott Lerner
Grant Green Walter Trout George Benson Gil Ayan