Treasures of Equipment

A few years ago a good friend of mine had a web site called Treasures of Equipment. His site had a large collection of Dumble pictures, and was pretty well known around the world. Unfortunately, he got a lot of obnoxious email from people demanding unreasonable things from him, so he took the site down. He has been too busy lately to put the site back up, so he has agreed to let me post his collection of Dumble pictures on my site.

The Treasures of Equipment page is now back on line. Just click on the link above to check it out. A few things have been removed, along with the identity of the original owner of this site. But there is still lots of interesting information and tons of pictures. Enjoy.

Dumble Gallery

And for just a small collection of Dumble pics, take a look here. There isn't any information here, just a bunch of pics. Take a look.