Amps can be more of an obsession than guitars. After going through several different amps, I've finally settled on a few combos. The amp below was modeled after Robben Ford's combo.

The combo below is essentially based on a Deluxe Reverb, with a few additions, and uses Deluxe Reverb transformers. This amp was named after my cat (thanks to my wife), and is currently my favorite amp.

After getting a taste of the 6V6 sound, I decided I needed a Deluxe Reverb too. So I picked up a trashed silverface DR, cleaned it up and converted it to blackface specs (with a few tricks of my own). Here are before and after pics.


And after...

I bought a Bad Cat Hot Cat amp that I am really enjoying. It has some gorgeous clean tones, and the overdrive, which is very tweakable, is very fat and smooth. But the coolest thing is that you can combine the clean and overdrive inputs by using a Y cable or A/B/Y box, and blend the clean and overdrive tones together. Here's a picture of the amp. Check out Bad Cat's web site for details.